Stopover at Paris or Madrid en route from India to Mexico?

Whether you are from Mexico planning your vacation in India or the other way round, you must realize that you have a 24 hour plane journey ahead of you. It is recommended to fly over the Atlantic than over the Pacific. Why? Because all airlines have lesser stops. The least of them would be through 1 stop at New York, Paris or Madrid… and the most could stop at LA, Hongkong, and Singapore before reaching India.

We recommend a stop in Europe because it provides a wonderful break about half-way through your trip. And depending on your carrier, that could mean any of several cities… but Paris and Madrid are best placed (about 10 hours from each side). And hence the question… which one?

Siene viewParis is an incredibly romantic city built for a very pleasant 3 to 5 day break. You can take hop-on-hop-off buses on 4 city circuits and walk the streets, having an amazing time soaking in art and culture from the sidewalks, gardens and buildings. Should you be inclined towards history, the city abounds with museums… if food is your passion, there is no dearth of exotic eateries… if it is nature that excites you, the sparkling greenery and fresh air all over will give you orgasms… and if nightlife is your thing, you will not want to go from Paris.

Paris balcony view

Shopping places and brands come in abundance. So does theatre, opera, and music. As do churches and basilicas. The range that Paris has on offer is amazing. Tasteful graffiti adorns the street-side from the airport to the city centre. Art will spring at you from metro station walls. Sculptures will dazzle you in balconies of public buildings. Hoopla and Ludo will invite you by the Siene riverside. There is a surprise everywhere you turn.

Gran via Madrid cityContrast this with Madrid, which is a city of cities. A relatively compact place in itself, Madrid was the epicentre of the renaissance in Spain. Rich with history and culture, Madrid gives you magnificent forts and palaces, captivating churches, beautiful small towns with aqueducts, and universities of the 16th century within 30 and 90 minutes driving time. So you cannot do Madrid any justice in less than 4 days. A great stopover to imbibe the ‘real’ medieval Europe in the middle of a transatlantic journey!

Moreover, Madrid will get you into the Spanish frame of mind… the language of Mexico. The city itself will give you ample opportunities to explore both historic culture and contemporary nightlife. It is about half as expensive as Paris and you can swing some great bargains too! And walking in the streets and green reserves is invigorating for the soul.Medieval Spanish town

So here’s the bottom line. Stop over one way via Paris for 4 days and via Madrid on the return journey. This way you experience both, the wonder of a French paradise and the thrill of a Spanish hub. Use AeroMexico for the Europe route and the Air India on the other side. Doing so will surely build your appetite for more detailed investigations of both countries… since each one has so much more to offer. And plan individual trips for longer durations next!

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