LADAAAHKH (7D/6N)  Get to the top of the world physically, emotionally and spiritually. The time is right for a few summer months Apr-Aug… and then it freezes over!Ladaaahkh

What will we cover?

With a day’s sightseeing in Delhi, we board the flight to Leh (1.5 hrs) and acclimatize to high-altitude for the next 24 hours… lying flat on a bed. On day 3, we are set to make the climb further up, in a 4×4 across awesome terrain of sheer rocky mountain. Traversing the Khardongla Pass and Changla Pass we drive up to the world’s highest motorable roads at 16,000 feet, through monasteries, rivers and a lot of fun. The Pangdong lake at the Indo-China border presents surreal magic that you will cherish for life.