Tips to get the best pictures of Taj Mahal

Volumes have been written about the Taj Mahal as the symbol of everlasting love. But just as people have difficulty with love, many have difficulty getting great pictures at the Taj. We’ve been there, done that… and so here are four practical tips:

Taj IndiaPlan an early start: The Taj opens around 7 am and the best light falls on its Eastern face between 8 and 8:30 am. It takes almost an hour to get the tickets near the main gate and wade past the queue and security. You must aim to get close to the monument, to see its inlaid jewels sparkle in the morning sun. So an overnight stay in Agra near the Eastern gate is a really good plan.

Avoid food and bags: Take only a camera, wallet and cellphone unless you want the security to display all your belongings. You will not be allowed to carry any eatables (and nothing is sold in the premises either, to keep the place clean), so plan to have a light bite at 6:30 am and a bigger bite at noon or whenever you return.

Check for your queue: Foreigners, Indians, Ladies, Gents… 4 queues. Don’t get mixed up. Being in the right place helps keep your spirits happy. By 7:30 am in summer months Agra can get quite hot… you want to stay cool inside!

Don’t waste time: There is a lot to see around the Taj premises before you get to the monument. But… as you see in the picture, it appears that the Taj was built in this couple’s backyard. Because they chose to walk down the pathway to Taj before the crowds came there… and explored the other galleries later!

We hope this helps you to have a good trip!

3 thoughts on “Tips to get the best pictures of Taj Mahal

  1. This is the best written article I have read on this subject. I have been to Taj and remember how each of the points you mentioned spoiled my fun because of my ignorance. Next time I plan any trip it will be with you.

  2. Thanks for the tips and arrangements. I did have the best time of my life! Your advice was really helpful, Thank you!!

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