Secrets of the Eastern edge of the Himalayas

Bet you didn’t know at least 2 of these 5 facts:

1. Rumtek, a small village near Gangtok, is the international headquarters of the Karmapa… but Karmapa has not been in the monastery here since 1981

2. Orchids in Sikkim grow more abundantly than roses or common petunias

3. The train to Darjeeling travels on the highest railway track in India

4. A 108-foot tall statue of Lord Shiva is located at Namchi, a small Buddhist town in the South of Sikkim

5. The famous Darjeeling tea cultivation began in 1841 by Dr. Campbell, a civil surgeon who used seeds stolen from China to begin experimental tea planting. Today this region boasts the finest tea gardens of India

Discover the stories behind these enjoyable facts as your merrily traverse the Himalayas, its breathtaking views and heart-warming sights. A tour into the smallest Indian State with 3 official languages is very likely to leave you speechless!

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