Meditation/Yoga Retreats

Any trip to India is more complete with a few days, or even hours, spent in picking up the life-skills Indians have been best known for. Yoga and Meditation.

While towns like Rishikesh and several in Bihar and Kerala have reputations for abounding with institutions that provide such learning, Discover Su Mundo brings it closer to our guests so no detour is required. Typically such detours not only take up time and money, they also take up mental stamina, since most institutes do not have the infrastructure to support foreigners. And reaching them is another type of journey altogether; physically very taxing.

So what does Discover Su Mundo do to ease the imbibing process?

We organize meditation, yoga and energy work sessions in New Delhi itself! These are conducted by a faculty of international energy masters and meditation guides. In an atmosphere that fuels the spirit of inquiry and getting-to-know from the fundamentals. It is not like a “guru” instructing to-dos. It is like friends interacting with experts.

Sessions are personalized and tailored within as little as 2 hours – and upto 2 days or more. The curriculum is custom-built for participants and while the focus is on breathing techniques, fitness yoga and generating peace & calm, energy-based healing of specific ailments can also be taught. Reiki channeling from Japan, Buddhist healing meditations from Tibet and Qigong practices from China can also be learned if you have the appetite.

Importantly, these sessions establish a continuing connection between the coaches and the participants so continuity of guidance is assured. Please send us a note and we can plan such an experience for you.