Plan Your Trip!

We help you create memories. Really… you focus on creating memories and don’t worry about anything else. Simply let us know where you’d like to go, your interests, time and what budget would be suitable.

We then custom design whatever is required for you to start traveling… and we arrange everything – hotels, tickets, guides, food joints (we advise, you check them out), day plans and more… Your navigator will be in close touch with you at every step of the planning process and will accompany you if in a group of 8 or more.

In my opinion the most important role DiscoverSuMundo played in making my trip delightful was to be there with me. I didn’t know what to eat, how to speak their language, where to go when I needed a toilet… but Kenna magically fulfilled all my needs — Octavio Ortiz (came to 17 countries in Europe from San Cristobal, Mexico)

The most important step is getting started. Regardless of whether you have a visa, or even a passport, if you have an intent, it’s time to fill this in!

    One of our team members will call/email you back shortly 🙂