About Us

This our mascot, “Happy”. At the Vatican. But you’ll find her here and there. Look for Happy and be happy 🙂 And now for the blah blah and other team members…

Discover Su Mundo is a travel advisory which specializes in guided tours to and from India, Europe and Mexico, with personal navigation in the local language. The company is led by a Mexican; Maria Kenna Cordero and her Indian husband; Sandeep Nath. Every little detail of food, language and stay that would be expected by Mexicans while travelling in India and vice-versa is therefore well understood. Discover Su Mundo operates across Latin America, Europe, India and Asia through a network of travel professionals who additionally ensure the best deals and cultural orientation… for guests to have safe, happy and memorable travels.

Maria Kenna Cordero (Kenna)

A seasoned entrepreneur since 1993, Kenna has driven her organizations on trust, personal relationships and fulfilled promises. She has built in various industries including corporate automation system sales, real estate, hospitality, mentoring and now travel. Her vision for Discover Su Mundo is to deliver a boutique enterprise that serves as the reason for people to create cherished moments in their lives… and she views flawless travel as the means to this end. She has therefore diversified the company’s reach to specific niches such as students (of Architecture, Buddhism, Art etc) and to the elders (who could need assisted travelling) since these segments are not addressed by the typical mass-market agencies

Sandeep Nath (Sandeep)

Sandeep is a business owner with over 27 years experience in strategy and marketing. He has been a serial entrepreneur for 20 years, setting up healthy ventures in consulting and strategy, web design, tv production, advertising, software production, market research, event management, management consulting, internet marketing, training and success coaching. His passion for travel led to the birth of Discover Su Mundo, in which he shares Kenna’s vision and brings on board a tremendous global network of professionals to create travel experiences that are completely personalized. Sandeep is also passionate about raising human consciousness and coaches people on ‘Limitless Living’ at www.SandeepNath.com

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